Institute of Acoustics - Graduate School
Graduate School of Acoustics

A new Institute on Acoustics at Le Mans in 2018

The Le Mans Université has elaborated the project of a Graduate School on Acoustics, which was submitted to a selective french national call in 2017. This unprecedented call, inspired from the model of British/US graduate schools, aims at supporting the establishment of new Institutes, composed of identified high impact research laboratories, as well as recognized master, engineering and doctoral curriculae. The competition included about 200 submitted projects among France on all topics of research and education. After a selection based on the excellency of the projects by an international committee, 29 projects of Graduate Schools have been awarded. 

L’Institut d'Acoustique – Graduate School (IA-GS) of Le Mans Université and CNRS has been selected.


Towards an international reference center of research and education in acoustics

The ambition of "l’Institut d'Acoustique – Graduate School" is to become an international reference center for research and education in acoustics, focusing on a number of high-profile interdisciplinary challenges in the field of acoustics. This ambition relies on the high level of education, research and innovation developed for several decades at the Le Mans Université in the field of acoustics. All structural links between a Faculty of Sciences, the ENSIM Engineering School, the SPI Doctoral School and the LAUM (Laboratory of Acoustics, UMR CNRS 6613) will be reinforced by creating a legal, Institute-type entity within Le Mans University.


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