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The acoustical ecosystem


The acoustical ecosystem

A favourable environment

The development of the institute within Le Mans University is perfectly articulated with:

  • The Le Mans Technocampus project dedicated to acoustics and materials. Supported by the territorial authorities, Le Mans University, the CTTM, the IRT Jules Verne and their socio-economic partners, on the aspects of industrial partnerships and innovation.
  • The new building for research and training in acoustics, financed under the "Contrat Plan Etat Région Le Mans Acoustique 2014-2021", to come.
  • The creation of the ECND Academy workshop-school (a PIA2 winning project under the "Partnership for vocational training and employment" action), based on non-destructive evaluation and control, which uses acoustics-based techniques.
  • The continuation of actions initiated as part of the 2014-2020 “Institut Recherche Formation Innovation (RFI)” project called "Le Mans Acoustics", which was led by Le Mans University. The project, initiated and financed by the Pays de la Loire Region, also benefited from the support of Le Mans Métropole and our international partners. In addition to the international and research aspects, one of the objectives was to federate the actors in the field of acoustics in Le Mans (ITEMM, Talm-Le Mans, CTTM, etc.). This is now the mission of the Le Mans Acoustics Association.
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